So I pretty much have a date with a cute boy in class tomorrow. I just asked if he’d like to study, and he said sure. The girl sitting next to me said ‘Good luck studying! *Wink Wink*’ I’m not going to suck his dick at the library, lol!




I think I’ll use the local bank’s lot to do some guerilla gardening. The grounds surrounding it are kept clean, but the remaining parking lot is p much abandoned.


Upon further investigation, the lot hasn’t been touched since 2008 and it’s highly unlikely they’ll bulldoze the plants. I’ve already ordered the poppy seeds for the project; so excite! :D

Update: I didn’t listen to my brother, and I dug up a good chunk of grass during rush hour. Traffic was backed up on both sides trying to see what I was doing, so I don’t know if they called the cops or not. The good: The poppys are out there. The bad: The 5-0 or a bunch of hooligans are probably going to get into them. Only time will tell.